Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend

I'm sitting at my little table, drinking my coffee and watching the blue jays beat up on the squirrels in the backyard. It's the simple things that make me happy. Life seems to have calmed down a bit, Joe is still making me uneasy but only aggression towards himself so far.
I am almost through with my major home improvements. All that's left is putting the trim in and both bathroom cabinets. A little more painting of course.
I'm going to put back splash up in kitchen but probably not in the next few months. That should be an easy job.
My mom is very close to moving back into their house. Maybe 2 more weeks. The fire was Nov. 7th and they are still not finished. Holy Cow. I was able to get her a little pug/chihuahua mix puppy from a shelter. She is 2 months old. My mother and Hayes are IN LOVE. This dog is just what they needed and wanted for so long now. Losing all of your pets in a house fire is so devastating. Seeing them laying on the ground dead is just as devastating. I can never get that image out of my mind.
I finished my greenhouse. It is so so cute. I'm going to buy tomato and some other veggies to grow inside. I've got to paint it too. Man do I NOT like to paint. Oh my.
My kid is coming home tonight I think, late..... Double header at Baylor because rain tomorrow. It will be nice to spend more than 45 minutes with him for once. Well, I guess I'll wrap this up. I am seriously needing a vacation. Just trying to decide where. I want to be around water and sand. I may do a quick trip to Mexico by myself for some R&R. Yep, peace and quiet is what the Dr. is ordering for Mel.
Happy Easter and stay dry tomorrow!

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