Thursday, October 25, 2007

Joe - My Big Guy with Autism.

Well, it finally hit me like a brick. And with the help of Joe's teacher. He misses his brother. Who would have thought. I didn't think he would care. He has been stalking me like crazy lately. For the past 3 weeks I can't move from one room to another without him following me all around the house. I mentioned this to his teacher. She thought perhaps Joe was missing Stephen and was afraid I would leave him too. On our drive home today I explained to him where Stephen was and what was going on. I even told him Stephen was going to be rich and famous one day and we hope he remembers us when he reaches the top. :)
I know he understood so perhaps he will CHILL out now. I have been dealing with autism for 20 years and still have not figured it out yet. A mystery to me indeed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Could I be more computer illiterate?

I told my friend Bob I was going to set up my very own and first time ever blog page. After 2 hours of painful frustration and finally just giving up I realize it is just not worth it.
This morning I get the question. "Did you set up a blog". I have to confess it was just too hard and I couldnt understand how to do anything.
Well, in a matter of 2 minutes or less he sets up his own blog site, then give him 2 more minutes and he finalizes mine.
It just stinks. How can I move on in life if I can't even set up my own blog page.

And one more test

You see how your page expands as you post info?

Testing 1,2,3