Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thursday

Thought I'd stop and update since I have neglected to do so for quite some time now. Really not much going on. I've been a home improvement queen the past few weeks. Almost have the front flower bed done. I just need a few more piece of rock. The back flower bed can wait but gotta get that done.
Let's see. Friday night, opening ceremonies for Special O, Saturday are the track & field events. Saturday night heading to Sundance Square to see Four Day Weekend.
Sunday, Rangers vs. Minnesota.
I'm not going to get much done this weekend looks like. I'm running out of time on Stephen's room. I moved the big 36" TV back there so I had to remove the old entertainment center that was part of the 7th grade flood. That thing was wobbling like crazy. I put up shelves. Now going to install Closet Maid in the closets. (Joe & Stephen) I actually dusted all of his trophies and poor Joe went into a sneezing frenzy. I had not done that for 5 or 6 years. Oh my.
Oh, Joe said MOMMA yesterday morning. Have not heard that in at least 2 years. Yeah, I guess I can say when you start complaining about "life" and not being happy, etc. Think about what it would be like if you only heard your kid say a word every 2 - 3 years. That might help you put your life into perspective. He was funny too, he wanted me to watch Wheel of Fortune on the big screen last night. He was grinning that I stopped long enough to sit with him on the sofa.
Went to Waco last Saturday with Joe & Jacque. That was a great visit. It's so hard to believe a year of college is already completed. My goodness. He'll be home soon, working and taking summer classes. Talked to him last night. He's starting his research paper. Steroids. Shouldn't be hard to do that paper. So much in the news about that.
My friend Pam has vowed to break her long about with celibacy this year. She is being fixed up with 2 men this Sunday. Already we figured out she won't get along with one of them so she is going to send him my way. He is a motorcycle & boat guy. Right up my alley.
And, trying to figure out if a man that does the cycle class on Mon & Wed is married. He sure does look and smile. I just need to be brave enough to approach him. I'll put Crystal on that duty. Actually one of Stephen's friends works there and she said she would be on the look out for single men. I'll get her on that task.
Not really interested in a "committed" relationship right now because there's too many projects I need to finish at home, but it would be nice to find a guy that wants to do something every once in awhile. Who knows. Going to let the game come to me, right!!!!!

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