Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally an update - Get some coffee and enjoy

Finally I am making myself stop so I can give an update of my life. I know, like anyone really cares!
Well, in case you do this is what's been happening lately. I've been going non-stop for about 3 weeks now. Now that spring has arrived there is yard work and of course home improvements, etc. Pam and I had a curbing co. come out and curb our flowerbeds. Then we put river rock in the cement. It looked good, but even better was the acrylic application. Oh my gosh, the rocks turned different colors. I think it looks beautiful. Very unique. I came home last night and got about half of the flower bed cleaned out. That is back breaking work. I want to get that finished this weekend to get that out of the way. I've got to get cracking on Joe's room. So many things to do and such a short time frame. The Big Guy turns 21 on the 15th. Trying, trying to make his room look a bit more mannish.
Stevie boy is coming home Monday. His teaching class was cancelled for Tuesday morning and he's skipping astronomy. He and Bob have for as long as I can remember have attended Opening Day together. (the rule was I would let him skip class that day if he kept his grades up. what a joke. Like I ever had to ask him to keep his grades up) Originally he was going to drive up Tuesday after class but now I get to see him too. He doesn't know about the TV. Oh my gosh, yes, I got a 50" Panasonic Plasma. I love it. Joe loves it. I'm going to watch American Gangster tonight in HD. I've already seen the movie but it will be my first HD movie to watch. I know, too much excitement for you. I digress. The kid is going to be so surprised when he walks in and sees the TV. I may not get him out of the living room.
I've been working out, some days I feel like my pants are a bit smaller and some days I feel like bloated whale. What a battle. I will win this one. I just need to keep the damn carbs away from my mouth. Pretty simple.
Well, I need to get going. Joe and I are going Clean Up Craven's Park. It's a community/city thing today. Then need to get my hair done this afternoon and back home to finish the flower bed.
Sunday, okay your going to think I'm nuts but I learned about this group called Wildcare, Inc. They help injured animals. They nurse them back to health or if they are orphaned and then release them into the wild. They have "foster parents" that help with this. I am going to a class Sunday to learn to be a "foster parent". That is something I would love to do. If I could own an animal refuge on acres of land I would no doubt be the happiest person ever.
Nothing to update on the man scope. Looking pretty dismal now. But I'm not too worried. I've been so busy just can't worry too much about it. I know, let the game come to me. I just hope they know there is a ballpark here at 425 Revolution Lane. Should I put up signs??????

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