Friday, November 30, 2007

How About Them Cowboys

If you did not watch the game last night then I just have no use for you. It is unamerican to not love football. Especially a game like that!!!!
My Stevie boy called me to tell me he and some guys were going to the Hilton Hotel bar in Waco to watch the game. I think he was just making sure I was okay with that. I told him to try to not get in a bar fight and have a good time. That's my boy!!! Dedicated Cowboy fan. He even text me to let me know he got 15 Wings for $4.06!
I watched the game last night with my friend Sonja. After a couple of glasses of wine we were having a pretty good time. You know, looking at men in tight pants. Kind of sexy. And we both agreed we like dreadlocks.
Well, busy weekend ahead, again. I am going to meet some girlfriends at Sherlock's tonight for happy hour. Saturday is a wedding shower in Denton. May stop by and see a friend in Keller before coming home. And Sunday, I may just take it easy.
Well, that is all for now. I know, I am just too exciting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is it Christmas Already - Argh

Thanksgiving was wonderful. My Stevie boy came home. Joe was a happy camper because he was home. I got to meet my 5 year old niece for the first time. She looks just like her Aunt Mellie. :)
I have to say the whole weekend was wonderful.
A few things happened that were completely unexpected, and I am still not sure what the status of that is. Funny how you can be best friends with someone for years and then you wake up one day and realize you love them. (I am referring to the opposite sex of course)
Is that considered "true love" because it is based simply on your heart because the physical has not even happened yet. I mean, I am physically attracted but have not crossed that line.
I really wish I could like Christmas. I just don't. It has always been a chore for me. I even don't like it enough to fake it for my kids.
I did the obligatory christmas tree, decorations and gifts. Maybe it is because I am a single parent and I never felt like I had enough money to make christmas really special.
Oh well, can't do anything about that now.

Alrighty, guess I will update after Thursday nights football game. That will be an either sad or happy day for sure.